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Sarah Azhari, Femmy Permatasari Ruang Ganti 2003 Video




Sarah Tahari, creator of a popular blog, so called because it refers to herself in the third person, makes a good point about the disconnect between two concepts that are often conflated: celebrity and privacy. It’s a disconcerting disconnect, and more to the point it’s a disconcerting disconnect between reality and the consumerist fantasies that are presented as fact. Her point is that we can’t have one without the other, and that celebrities, to thrive in the contemporary world, must understand that privacy matters. Here’s a perfect example of a celebrity without privacy. If you don’t know Sarah Tahari, you’re well-served to Google her name. After that, click on the link titled “About” and scroll down to the line marked “Sarah”. Who is Sarah? She’s a woman who is not merely an actress, a singer, a producer, a model, a chef, a writer, an activist, an entrepreneur, a dog owner, a lover and a friend. She’s a daughter, sister, mother, wife, sister-in-law, auntie, cook and many other things. She is as multifaceted as a piece of art. Oh, and she’s a Persian-American journalist, editor and TV host with a wide range of expertise in both domestic and international affairs. Not to mention a master at using social media to project her views and work her inimitable brand. Sarah Tahari is all of those things and more. More than that, she’s one of the most engagingly fascinating, unexpected and, dare I say it, authentic personalities I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. I say this not as a writer, but as a woman. On the eve of the United States’ first presidential election since a majority of Americans were born after President Ronald Reagan, it’s worth noting that Sarah is a prominent voice and name in the current political debate. From Twitter and Facebook to her blog, and her appearances on CNN, Fox and MSNBC, she is a constant, often heavy-hitting presence on the internet. She is no longer just a name, but a face, a voice and, perhaps, a cause. One thing that’s abundantly clear about Sarah is that she is utterly unreservedly herself. When she isn’t publicly posting on her blog



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Sarah Azhari, Femmy Permatasari Ruang Ganti 2003 Video

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